NEXT-GENERATION AUTHENTICATION AI A unified, single API for authentication.

Increase retention and conversion by providing your customers with state-of-the-art authentication and identity verification tools. Fully automated, ultra-secure and simple to integrate with support for any device -- authentication, supercharged.

  • Engaging customer experiences

    Have your customers experience the advantages of an end-to-end identity verification completed in less than 10s.

  • World class conversion

    Deliver the same, superior user experience across all devices -- no matter which channel or platform you are building applications on.

  • Strong bottom line

    Next-generation authentication solutions are more cost effective by design. They are also inherently more secure.

Clients and partners building with us

Progeny powers the way you authenticate online Introducing the next-generation in authentication AI.

  • Plug-and-play technology

    Integrate our technology into your processes within minutes through a simple RESTful API only.

  • Digital identities

    Enables enrolment for simplified re-authentication without the need for a new identity verification.

  • Seamless

    Remove friction in on-boarding and authentication by providing the same user experience across all devices and platforms.

  • Loved by developers

    No SDK required. It only takes one line of code to integrate and you're up and running.

  • Security you can trust

    Our infrastructure runs on servers provided by ISO 27001-certified companies, with all customer data encrypted and fully GDPR compliant.

  • Versatile

    Combine with digital identity wallets to manage human identities and their mobility credentials.

For businesses and ideas of all sizes

No matter if you're a big multinational or just starting up, we deliver the tools for you to enrol and authenticate users remotely - as well as manage the risk associated with it through one single cloud-based platform. Automatically scaling to your needs, it requires integration of a single line of code for each product only.

By developers, for developers

Visit our developer centre for documentation, resources and quick start guides. Integrate with a single line of code only and build with confidence that your integrations are fully compliant, giving you secure and reliable access to the next-generation authentication AI via a single API.

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