LIVENESS DETECTION Multi-channel live person check, with support for all devices with a camera.

Stay protected with Progeny's liveness detection. Your gatekeeper to fight spoofing attacks in digital onboarding and beyond.

Liveness detection

Increased assurance levels for every verification, Progeny's liveness detection reduces fraud in your onboarding process and within your product. Protects you from all sorts of spoofing attempts.

Loved by companies globally

Labelled as best-in-class by major banks, financial institutions, ridesharing companies, software developers, and many more.

We are very impressed with the performance of your product - this is by far THE BEST ONE we have seen so until now!
Jesper Kildegaard Poulsen
Head of Creation Lab at NETS Innovation Hub

Secure, omnichannel

Delivers a world-class user experience and proofed ultra-secure in not granting an unauthorized person access -- completed in less than 1 second, with only one glance at the camera (selfie) needed.

Reduces fraud and abuse as well as alerts fraudsters that they are being checked.

  • Ultra-secure

    Protects against all types of spoofing attacks

  • Simple to integrate

    Only requires one line of code to be added

  • Low on data

    Works reliably in areas with poor network coverage

  • Supports any device

    No dependance on the operating system

  • GDPR compliant

    No dependance on the operating system

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