RE-AUTHENTICATION Short verification flow, with no documents needed.

Our engineering smarts extend beyond a single API. Progeny's re-authentication engine is a step ahead -- enable re-authentications that consist of a selfie only.

Digital identity-driven optimisation

By creating a digital entity at enrolment of a user, your customer is able to re-authenticate with a glance at the camera only. Your customers will fall in love with our market-leading re-authentication experience.

Faster onboarding

With Progeny, enable returning customers to get authenticated in less than 1 second. Take one selfie only, with our re-authentication engine performing a liveness check and a face match against the digital Face ID stored for the user's account.

Better fraud protection

Stay in control of payment and identity fraud with Progeny's re-authentication engine. Add it to your business logic for multi-factor authentication (MFA) - such as a stepped up authentication for a high-risk transaction, secure login (TFA) or payment authorization (SCA) - and always know the real identity of your customer.

  • Smooth experience

    Fast and accurate. No password required.

  • Ultra-secure

    Protect user's accounts from unauthorized access, password resets, etc.

  • GDPR compliant

    No storage of Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

By developers, for developers

Visit our developer centre for documentation, resources and quick start guides. Integrate with a single line of code only and build with confidence that your integrations are fully compliant, giving you secure and reliable access to the next-generation authentication AI via a single API.

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